2023 and Beyond: What to Expect from Patreon

2023 and Beyond: What to Expect from Patreon

As a creator, you pour so much of yourself into your work, and Patreon understands that. In 2022, the platform introduced new features and revamped key tools to make it easier for you to share your work, grow your community, and manage your membership. These improvements were shaped by the feedback they received from creators.

One of the significant improvements made in 2022 was to make the experience of sharing your work seamless. You can now upload video directly to Patreon, eliminating the need to fuss with unlisted links or third-party integrations. You can share up to 500 hours of HD video directly to Patreon and generate video previews to encourage potential patrons to join your membership. The audio experience has also been made more immersive with improved filtering, more intuitive navigation, and the ability to change playback speed.

Patreon's new layout is built with the creative process in mind. The platform has provided more intuitive tools, easier-to-find information, and a faster, smoother, and sharper loading experience across mobile and web. You can now create on your schedule, thanks to autosave drafts. You can pick up right where you left off and never lose your progress again.

Managing your membership has become easier with all insights in one place. You can now head to your Insights tab to see the vital information about your membership, earnings, and posts in a single, unified view. You can also edit your tiers, write welcome notes, and more, all in one place. Patreon has made billing and payout simpler, with the option to charge patrons when they join and monthly on the same date with subscription billing.

Patreon has also improved the mobile experience. You can now add animated GIFs to your posts on iOS and have custom video controls exclusively on Android. The platform has a mobile-friendly design that puts your brand front and center, and member-only posts now appear on mobile with a locked preview to entice prospective patrons to join.

In 2023, Patreon plans to continue helping creators build, own, and deepen their relationships with their patrons and fans. The platform will introduce even more tools to understand the ins and outs of your membership, take actions to evolve it, and maximize your earnings. Patreon also wants to help you connect with more of your followers, viewers, and subscribers directly. The platform's goal is to make Patreon the best place to share, enjoy, and engage with others over exclusive content, from video to audio to every format in between.