ACFC x Klarna: A New Dawn Collection Celebrates Soccer and Sustainability

ACFC x Klarna: A New Dawn Collection Celebrates Soccer and Sustainability

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Angel City Football Club (ACFC) and Klarna have joined forces to create the ACFC x Klarna "A New Dawn" capsule collection. This unique collection, which includes a windbreaker, a bucket hat, and a fanny pack, pays homage to a remarkable tifo displayed by ACFC supporters at BMO Stadium during the club's inaugural game in April 2022. The tifo, featuring an art deco-inspired angel and the words "Un Nuevo Amanecer" (a new dawn) in Sol Rosa and white, captured the pride and hope of Los Angeles and its communities.

A tifo, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a large-scale display put on by soccer supporters just before a game. It is a creative expression of love for the team and a way to tell a story about the club. The Nuevo Amanecer tifo represented not only pride for Los Angeles but also the dreams and opportunities it offered to young athletes in the community.

The ACFC x Klarna collection not only revives the artistry of the tifo but also embodies the dedication and passion of ACFC's devoted fans. Each piece is carefully crafted and features a jock tag with the ACFC crest and Klarna logo, certifying its authenticity and origin. It's a supporter-centric collection that allows fans to wear a piece of history and proudly display their love for the team.

What sets this collection apart is its commitment to sustainability, aligning perfectly with Klarna's focus on planet health. Klarna aims to build a circular economy, a model where materials and finished products are reused, recycled, refurbished, or resold to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. Currently, only 7.2% of the global economy follows a circular model, leaving ample room for growth.

Fashion re-commerce, or secondhand shopping, is a leading example of a circular business model. The demand for pre-owned items is increasing, with the market projected to double to $77 billion in the next five years. Klarna, as a global payments provider, plays a crucial role in facilitating secondhand shopping and plans to expand options for reselling, donating, and recycling pre-owned items.

Klarna partnered with Suay Sew Shop, a Frogtown-based vertically integrated manufacturer committed to the circular economy. Suay creates its products using post-consumer waste, deadstock, and organically grown domestic fibers. Their dedication to eradicating waste from the garment industry aligns perfectly with Klarna's mission to make a positive impact on planet health.

Beyond sustainability, Suay is also an advocate for garment workers' rights and wages. During the depths of the pandemic in 2020, they initiated weekly food distributions to garment workers and launched a textile recycling program called Suay SOS. The collaboration between Klarna, Suay, and ACFC not only celebrates sustainability but also supports garment workers and their communities.

The ACFC x Klarna collection is a testament to the fans, pushing the boundaries of design and providing bespoke merchandise that has historically been scarce in women's sports. It showcases the passion, devotion, and creativity of ACFC's fans and elevates their fan experience. Klarna's commitment to the fans is unwavering, constantly striving to create authentic connections and enhance the fan community.

As with all of Angel City's partnerships, 10% of the collection's sales will be donated to a community partner. In this case, the Downtown Women's Center, specifically their social enterprise, the MADE by DWC Resale Boutique, will receive the contribution. This initiative not only supports the circular economy but also empowers women in Los Angeles to break the cycle of homelessness.