Amadeus partners with Latin American super app Rappi to revolutionize the travel industry

Amadeus partners with Latin American super app Rappi to revolutionize the travel industry

Amadeus, a leading travel technology company based in Spain, has announced a significant partnership with Rappi, the Latin American "super app" that combines multiple services into a single customer-facing application. This strategic collaboration aims to develop the travel vertical and enhance the overall travel experience by combining Amadeus's advanced search and automation capabilities with Rappi's extensive customer reach and engagement.

The Amadeus Travel Platform will power the Rappi Travel service, providing it with advanced search and automation capabilities, which will help Rappi strengthen its growth and scale. Rappi Travel's more than 30 million users in nine countries can now directly search, book, and manage their travel on the platform, which aims to provide a seamless and frictionless travel experience.

Guido Becher, global head of Rappi Travel, stated that the partnership with Amadeus would transform people's travel experience by combining Rappi's customer-centric approach and Amadeus's cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, Eduardo Schutte, senior vice president, online, Americas at Amadeus, praised Rappi as an elite app that has built a significant following, and the partnership marks a foundation for many exciting developments ahead between the two companies.

This announcement is crucial for the travel industry as it highlights the need for innovation and collaboration to stay relevant in the current climate. As more people book their trips on mobile devices, Amadeus's partnership with Rappi Travel is expected to provide a new level of convenience and ease of use. This strategic collaboration will undoubtedly set the standard for future developments in the travel industry, offering a better experience for travelers worldwide.

Rappi, headquartered in Colombia, was founded in 2015, and it has since expanded its operations across the region, providing services that include food delivery, grocery delivery, and e-commerce. The partnership with Amadeus signifies Rappi's ambition to extend its reach further and become the go-to platform for travelers in Latin America and beyond.