Celo Foundation Teams Up with Google Cloud for Sustainable Web3 Startups

Celo Foundation Teams Up with Google Cloud for Sustainable Web3 Startups

Google Cloud and Celo Foundation Join Forces to Empower Builders in the Web3 Space

In a significant move for the blockchain and Web3 communities, the Celo Foundation has announced its partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration aims to provide workshops and cloud computing services to developers and founders building on Celo, a mobile-first proof-of-stake layer 1 blockchain protocol. The joint efforts between Celo and Google Cloud will offer invaluable guidance and support to participants of the Founders in Residence program and developers on the Celo blockchain.

Xochitl Cazador, head of ecosystem growth at Celo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our partnership with Google Cloud will help developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo blockchain build and scale their applications on the industry's cleanest cloud." This strategic alliance between Celo and Google Cloud signifies a commitment to empowering builders in the Web3 space and facilitating the growth of decentralized applications.

As part of the collaboration, Google Cloud will provide builders on Celo with credits for Google Cloud and Firebase services. This access to Google Cloud's robust infrastructure will undoubtedly enhance the development and deployment capabilities of builders, enabling them to create innovative solutions on Celo's blockchain. Additionally, the Google Cloud core team will offer project support to participants of the Celo Foundation's Founders in Residence program and Celo Camp, an eight-week virtual accelerator program.

It's worth noting that the relationship between Google Cloud and Celo dates back to 2018 when Google Cloud provided its cloud infrastructure to CLabs, the company behind the development of Celo. This established partnership serves as a solid foundation for the current collaboration, emphasizing the long-standing commitment of both organizations to driving innovation in the blockchain space.

The joint efforts of Google Cloud and Celo Foundation go beyond offering workshops and cloud computing services. The two entities plan to co-host targeted workshops and events focused on Web3 innovation and sustainability. By leveraging their expertise and resources, they aim to foster a vibrant community that thrives on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning. These initiatives will provide developers and founders with valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in the Web3 realm.

The timing of this partnership couldn't be better for Celo. According to CoinDesk data, CELO's price has risen 5.67% in the past 24 hours and 23.85% over the past week. These positive market trends further highlight the potential of Celo's blockchain and the growing interest in decentralized applications. With the support of Google Cloud, builders on Celo can capitalize on this momentum and take their projects to new heights.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Celo Foundation and Google Cloud represents a significant milestone in the advancement of Web3 technology. By providing workshops, cloud computing services, and project support, this partnership empowers builders on Celo to build, scale, and create transformative applications. Together, Celo and Google Cloud are laying the groundwork for a thriving Web3 ecosystem, where innovation and sustainability are at the forefront. With the recent market success of Celo, the timing is ideal for builders to leverage these resources and make their mark in the blockchain space. Exciting times lie ahead for the Celo community, and this partnership is poised to make a lasting impact on the Web3 landscape.