Datadog and Rubrik Eye Laminar's Cloud Data Observability Platform

Datadog and Rubrik Eye Laminar's Cloud Data Observability Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are common occurrences. Startups with promising potential often become attractive targets for larger technology vendors. Laminar, a New York-based public cloud data observability platform, is currently in advanced negotiations for a potential acquisition. This article explores the details of the potential deal between Laminar and data protection giants Datadog and Rubrik, as well as the reasons behind the growing interest in Laminar and the possible synergies with the suitors.

The economic downturn has presented challenges for startups to secure additional funding at higher valuations. At the same time, publicly traded or late-stage private companies are seeking smaller "tuck-in" M&A deals to achieve profitability. This trend has resulted in major technology vendors capitalizing on the market upheaval to acquire innovative startups. For instance, Akamai, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently made strategic acquisitions to expand their security technologies.

Founded in September 2020 by Amit Shaked and Oran Avraham, Laminar is a public cloud data observability platform. Shaked, a former leader in Magic Leap's AI division, and Avraham, the Chief Architect at Medigate, bring valuable expertise to the company. Laminar has raised $67 million in funding through two rounds, attracting notable backers such as Salesforce Ventures and Insight Partners. With a team of 95 employees, the company specializes in providing a comprehensive view of data sensitivity, security posture, and exposure.

Laminar's flagship product is a data security posture management tool that excels in detecting and alerting policy violations. It also offers issue prioritization, actionable remediation recommendations, and the ability to discover and classify data across major cloud platforms. SentinelOne, a leading cybersecurity company, sees Laminar's approach as complementary to their own offerings and believes it can help customers secure data across public clouds effectively.

Datadog and Rubrik: Datadog and Rubrik have emerged as the main suitors in the potential acquisition of Laminar. Both companies are well-positioned to integrate and leverage Laminar's capabilities. Datadog, a public company with a valuation of $7.8 billion, has been experiencing significant revenue growth. Rubrik, on the other hand, has raised over $550 million and has expanded its workforce by 19% over the past year. Both Datadog and Rubrik have a track record of strategic acquisitions to enhance their technological portfolios.

If the acquisition of Laminar by either Datadog or Rubrik materializes, it could lead to exciting opportunities. The integration of Laminar's data security observability with the existing offerings of the suitors could create a powerful and comprehensive solution. With Laminar's expertise in cloud data security and the financial resources and market presence of Datadog or Rubrik, the potential for growth and innovation is significant.

The potential acquisition of Laminar by Datadog or Rubrik represents another significant move in the M&A landscape of 2023. Laminar's unique capabilities in cloud data observability, coupled with the suitors' market presence and resources, could lead to exciting advancements in the field of data security. As the negotiations progress, industry experts eagerly await the outcome, anticipating a potential game-changer in the world of cloud data protection and observability.