How to buy SpaceX stock before IPO

How to buy SpaceX stock before IPO

If you are looking to buy stock in SpaceX, you might get a bit frustrated to find out that it is not a public company, and no one knows if it will ever go public. Yet, it doesn’t mean that buying its shares is impossible.

Today, we’ll dwell on some well-known and hidden facts about SpaceX and show you how to buy SpaceX stock right now, regardless of its IPO.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX, or Space Exploration Technologies Corp., is an American company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Having been founded in 2002, SpaceX remains the most well-known and popular private space company, competing with the biggest public space agencies.

The founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, claimed to launch the company with the goal of enabling the colonization of Mars. And even though it may sound a bit too far-fetched, SpaceX has undergone dramatic changes over the past two decades and made impressive progress. So it’s no wonder why most investors want to purchase the stock of SpaceX.

A brief history of SpaceX achievements:

  • 2001 — Elon Musk created the concept of the “Mars Oasis” project, aiming to set up an experimental greenhouse on Mars and grow plants on Martian soil. This encouraged him to establish a space-oriented company.
  • 2002 — Musk teamed up with Tom Mueller, a rocket engineer who eventually became the CTO of SpaceX. They got a warehouse in California to start working on the first rocket, Falcon 1.
  • 2005 — SpaceX bought a 10% stake in Surrey Satellite Technology.
  • 2006 — Elon Musk had invested $100M in SpaceX.
  • 2008 — SpaceX launched the first privately funded, liquid-fueled rocket Falcon 1, to orbit. Afterward, it received another $20M of investments.
  • 2010 — SpaceX became the first private company to launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft successfully.
  • Feb 2012 — the approximate value of SpaceX was estimated at $1.3B.
  • May 2012 — SpaceX held the second demo flight (COTS 2) for its uncrewed Cargo Dragon spacecraft. The team managed to successfully send their spacecraft to the International Space Station, after which the price of the company doubled, reaching $2.4B.
  • 2012 — SpaceX estimated the launch price of Falcon 9 at $57M, which was 2,4 times less than the one of Airlinespace.
  • 2012 — the company’s IPO was brought up for the first time with an intention to sell SpaceX company stock. Yet, Musk decided to hold off any possible IPO until “Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly.”
  • 2013 — the team sent their SES-8 satellite into geosynchronous orbit.
  • 2015 — SpaceX became the first private company to send a probe beyond Earth orbit. The team also performed the first landing of Falcon 9.
  • 2016 — SpaceX conducted the first water landing of Falcon 9.
  • 2017 — SpaceX got back to flying by launching Iridium satellites. A month later, Falcon 9 carrying CRS-10 conducted the first launch from Kennedy Space Center.
  • 2018 — the team produced the most powerful operational rocket, Falcon Heavy.
  • 2019 — the first 60 Starlink satellites were deployed.
  • 2020 — Starlink became the first private space company to send astronauts to the International Space Station.

Besides, since SpaceX was founded, it has conducted 16 resupply missions to the International Space Station under a partnership with NASA.

SpaceX IPO

The rumors of SpaceX going public started in 2012 when the IPO was first mentioned. However, even though the public offering was considered possible for a while, Elon Musk claimed that it was not the best idea and decided to hold off public SpaceX stock options until the beginning of Mars colonization.

Later, in 2015, Musk added that probably we shouldn’t expect SpaceX to be publicly traded in the upcoming years. He stated that he doesn’t want SpaceX “to be controlled by some private equity firm that would milk it for near-term revenue.”

So is the SpaceX stock IPO possible now, and if yes, when will it take place?

Even though the company hasn’t gone public yet and doesn’t plan to conduct an IPO in the foreseeable future, its stock is already traded. The only thing is, it’s traded among the existing shareholders.

In October 2021, SpaceX opened a secondary sale according to an agreement with its existing investors to sell up to $755 million in stock from insiders. According to multiple people familiar with the deal, the SpaceX IPO stock price was $560 per share during this sale.

Such a secondary share sale allowed the company to increase its valuation, reaching $100B. This makes SpaceX one of the few private “centicorn” or “hectocorn” companies in the world.

Sounds very appealing, right? Then let’s figure out the real SpaceX stock price and how you can buy it even before the IPO.

How to buy SpaceX stock

If you want to buy SpaceX stock, there are not that many available options at the moment. The easiest way to get the desirable shares is via Orderbook.

Orderbook is a blockchain-based investment platform for tokenized shares that has been on the market for several years. During this period, the platform has distributed tokenized stocks of such global tech companies as Airbnb, Patreon, Neuralink, and much more.

With Orderbook, users can get tokenized stocks — digital assets that are backed by the actual shares of a particular company 1:1. Yet, in contrast to traditional stock, users don’t need to buy a full share of the company — they can get just a fraction of it, thus diversifying their portfolio on a budget.

For instance, when it comes to buying SpaceX stock, the price of one token is only $36 compared to the $560 per share on the recent closed secondary sale. Such a low price, as well as high accessibility, is possible due to blockchain technology.

Tokenized stocks offer a lot of other benefits for retail investors:

  • Low entry price. On the Orderbook platform, users can buy tokenized stocks with as little as $1.
  • Accessibility. Users can invest in companies that are not publicly traded yet or whose stocks cost a fortune.
  • No traditional middlemen. The whole process is managed with the help of automatic smart contracts that are the basis of blockchain technology.
  • Low expenses. No minimum order limit and very low fees compared to the traditional stock market.
  • Great speed. Unlike traditional paper-based transactions, tokenized stock transactions are near-instant.

If you are ready to buy SpaceX stocks on Orderbook, here’s what you need to do step by step:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account if you don’t have one yet.
  3. Pass the obligatory KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.
  4. Sign in to your account and buy tokenized shares of SpaceX or other companies offered on the platform.

So the answer to “how can I buy SpaceX stock” is pretty simple — get its tokenized shares on Orderbook. It’s very easy, fast, and doesn’t require any special knowledge.

You can invest in SpaceX on Orderbook by getting tokenized shares of the company. Invest as little as $1 with no middlemen and benefit with tokenized stock!