KDDI to resell SpaceX’s Starlink service to enterprise clients

KDDI to resell SpaceX’s Starlink service to enterprise clients

Japanese telecom operator KDDI will begin reselling SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service to its enterprise and civil government customers later this year.

The two companies said KDDI will act as an authorized Starlink integrator. KDDI said it has been conducting technical trials of Starlink’s service in Japan since 2021 and believes the service will perform reliably for enterprise customers that need a stable internet connection. The operator also said Starlink’s performance makes it a viable option for mobile backhaul.

SpaceX just launched its service in Japan earlier this week, making Japan the first Asian country where Starlink’s services are available. Starlink’s service will likely be in demand in the country’s  mountain areas and remote islands that currently suffer from spotty internet access.

KDDI joins a growing number of Starlink resellers. In September, the company signed similar distribution deals with Speedcast and Marlink to offer Starlink’s service to their maritime and enterprise customers. It also has a reseller deal with EnerStar Solutions to sell Starlink’s services to its industrial customers.

Starlink launched its services for enterprise customers early this year. The company’s “premium” tier service costs $500 per month.

The company also recently teamed with T-Mobile to develop a way to connect T-Mobile customers in remote areas with Starlink’s satellite broadband service when cellular coverage isn’t available. SpaceX said it is working on creating special antennas for its Starlink satellites to make this service possible.

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