Klarna and Clarity AI Launch World's First Assessment of Electronics Brands' Environmental Achievements

Klarna and Clarity AI Launch World's First Assessment of Electronics Brands' Environmental Achievements

Klarna, a popular global payments provider and shopping service, has launched conscious badges in collaboration with Clarity AI, the leading global sustainability tech platform. These badges will be featured on the Klarna App, providing users with enhanced sustainability insights, and will highlight electronics brands' environmental achievements. The badges will offer more comprehensive metrics about electronics purchases, including information on brands’ greenhouse gas emissions, energy derived from renewable resources, and more.

Klarna's move to introduce conscious badges for electronics follows the successful rollout of Conscious Collections in the Klarna App in 2022, which features environmentally and ethically friendly apparel brands. Klarna is committed to providing its 150 million users with the insights and tools they need to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Consumers demand transparency about the environmental impact of their purchases. A recent survey found that over 56% of global consumers want more information about the environmental impact of their brands and products. Responding to this demand, Klarna has launched conscious badges to celebrate businesses prioritizing more sustainable practices in the electronics space.

Electronics brands can earn up to five badges. These badges indicate the companies' environmental performance based on different metrics such as lower direct greenhouse gas emissions, lower indirect greenhouse gas emissions, and commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The badges will provide consumers with information to inform their purchasing decisions.

Salah Said, Head of Sustainability at Klarna, stated that "the rollout of conscious badges in the Klarna App marks a significant milestone in our continued effort to empower shoppers to vote with their wallets." Klarna's commitment to sustainability is evident in its effort to provide users with the tools and insights to shop more consciously.

Conscious badges are accessible to consumers through the transactions details page of the Klarna App after they make an electronics purchase. In the coming weeks, the badges will also be visible to consumers through Klarna’s CO2e tracker, regardless of whether they have made an electronics purchase. This new feature follows several recent initiatives by Klarna to promote brands' environmental achievements and provide consumers with the tools and insights they need to shop more consciously.