Klarna Redesigns its App with AI-powered Shopping Feed and Personal Shopper

Klarna Redesigns its App with AI-powered Shopping Feed and Personal Shopper

Klarna, a popular buy-now-pay-later service provider, has recently overhauled its mobile app to provide its users with a more personalized shopping experience. The new redesign boasts several new features, including a personalized shopping feed powered by AI, a personal shopper service called Ask Klarna, and a resell feature that auto-fills product details and images for second-hand marketplaces. The app update also includes a self-service advertising platform for retailers and customized storefronts for creators.

One of the most notable additions to the Klarna app is the AI-powered shopping feed, which is powered by Klarna's proprietary AI product recommendation engine. This feature follows a recent collaboration between the company and OpenAI's ChatGPT, providing an integrated plug-in for generative AI tools to search for shopping ideas. This feature aims to provide users with a more personalized shopping experience, catering to their individual preferences and interests.

Additionally, Klarna is making it easier for creators to launch their own storefronts through the company, with tools to help drive success. The move builds off its recently launched Creator Platform, which offers creators the ability to recommend items, share shoppable video and photos, and market their shop across social networks with the ability to earn revenue. Creators will also be able to share their shoppable social media content within Klarna's app.

For retailers, Klarna is introducing a self-service Ads Manager that allows marketers to access Klarna's first-party data to create more relevant shopping experiences, offering ad creation and audience targeting tools, among others. This move sees the company angling to become a more serious player in the retail media space, noting that marketing revenue from its partnerships with retailers was up 131% last year.

The app redesign also introduces a resell feature that aims to streamline the selling process on secondhand marketplaces by auto-filling product details and images. This feature can be used for past Klarna purchases with participating re-commerce platforms. Currently only available in Sweden, the resell feature will gradually roll out to the U.S., U.K., and Germany in the coming months.

The app update also includes tools to help users manage their finances, track their spending, and access back-end information like shipping updates and digital receipts. The new Ask Klarna free personal shopping service provides on-demand access to shopping experts via chat or video call.

Klarna's app redesign comes as mobile shopping continues to gain traction, providing additional incentives for retailers, creators, and shoppers to use its app. The company hopes to drive growth following a year of increases in its user base and revenue from marketing partnerships with retailers.

The app redesign is a significant step forward for Klarna, offering several new features that cater to the needs of its users, retailers, and creators. With the introduction of AI-powered shopping feeds and personal shopping services, the company is demonstrating its commitment to providing personalized and convenient shopping experiences. As Klarna continues to expand its services, it will be interesting to see how it further disrupts the traditional retail space.