Patreon Video Launches: A New Era for Online Content Monetization

Patreon Video Launches: A New Era for Online Content Monetization

Patreon, the online platform that connects creators with their fans, has added a native video feature that will enable eligible creators on the Pro and Premium plans to upload videos directly to the platform. The feature has been in the works for a year, and its launch is expected to provide creators with greater control over their content and a more seamless user experience for fans.

Before the introduction of Patreon Video, creators used unlisted Vimeo or YouTube links to share exclusive video content with their paid subscribers. However, these links can easily be leaked, reaching an unintended audience. With Patreon Video, creators can choose a portion of the video to make public as a preview, and fans who want to see the rest will have to subscribe.

Patreon’s CPO, Julian Gutman, said that the platform's new promotional tool would enable creators to share more value with their fans, rather than simply telling them that they are on Patreon. During the beta test, creators used this feature successfully to grow their memberships.

Creators will have access to data such as total views and average view duration, as well as insights into how many people are viewing the non-paywalled previews. Unlike many other platforms, there will be no ads on Patreon, as the platform is supported by subscribers.

At present, Patreon creators on the Pro and Premium plans can upload 500 hours of content for free, and by 2024, the company plans to transition this offering into a paid feature. The pricing model has not yet been determined, but Gutman stated that the company would be transparent about the long-term plan for video.

The launch of Patreon Video could offer a strong revenue stream for creators, and this added revenue could be crucial for Patreon, which laid off 80 employees in September. Gutman explained that the company's goal for 2022 was to double its staff size, and despite the layoffs, the plan has gone well. Patreon Video will be available on desktop and the iOS and Android apps and will support AirPlay on Apple devices at launch, with Android Chromecast coming soon. The Patreon mobile app will also support picture-in-picture viewing.