Patreon's Latest Updates: New Video Features, Discord Integration, and More!

Patreon's Latest Updates: New Video Features, Discord Integration, and More!

As online communities continue to grow, it's becoming more important than ever for creators to find new ways to connect and share with their audiences. At Patreon, we're constantly working to improve our platform and offer new features that make it easier for creators to engage with their patrons. Here's a breakdown of our latest product updates for February 2023, and a sneak peek at what's coming up next.

One of our most exciting updates is the new video features now available for early access Patreon Video users. With our mobile app improvements, you can now share videos up to 2 minutes long directly from your mobile device. Plus, we've added Chromecast functionality, allowing patrons to stream videos from their mobile devices or computers. These improvements make it easier than ever to share your work with your community, no matter where you are.

Another new feature is the ability to recommend your own tier. As a creator, you know your community best, and now you can choose a tier to highlight based on which one you think your patrons will love most. Head to your Membership tab to give it a try and check out our Help Center article for more details.

We've also made some improvements to our Discord integration, making it easier to give patrons in each tier access to specific Discord channels. Additionally, we've made it easier to identify and resolve any issues with your integration. And later this month, we'll be rolling out further updates to our role syncing feature.

In addition to these major updates, we've made some smaller improvements that make the Patreon experience even smoother. For example, we're expanding post views into post impressions, which show the number of times your post was displayed to a patron across mobile and web. We've also upgraded the creation experience on our mobile app, making it easier to publish high-quality work whenever inspiration strikes. And on desktop, you can now preview how your posts will look for your members before publishing.

Finally, we're introducing creator likes. Patrons who are eligible to see your post can now also see when you like a comment. This simple feature can help foster a sense of community and engagement among your patrons.

At Patreon, we're committed to supporting creators and helping them build strong, engaged communities. With these latest product updates and more on the horizon, we're excited to see what our creators will create next.