StoreDot opens new research centre in the United States to advance battery technology

StoreDot opens new research centre in the United States to advance battery technology

Battery technology continues to be one of the most significant challenges for the electric vehicle industry. Israeli battery developer StoreDot is at the forefront of the industry, developing advanced battery solutions that could make charging electric vehicles as quick and easy as refuelling a gasoline car.

To further accelerate the development of its battery technology, StoreDot has opened its first research centre in the United States. The new facility is located in Irvine, California, and will work in close collaboration with the company's headquarters in Israel. The primary goal of the new research centre is to strengthen ties with US-based original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and expedite StoreDot's battery development.

The research centre will be led by Dr David Lee, StoreDot's global chief science officer. The team in Irvine will focus on enhancing the company's semi-solid battery technology and battery material research. The facility will also leverage the many talents on the West Coast of the United States and strengthen the company's relationships with US-based electric vehicle manufacturers.

StoreDot's XFC batteries and systems are currently undergoing test programmes with several electric vehicle manufacturers. The company's investors and partners include Daimler, BP, VinFast, Volvo Cars, Polestar, Ola Electric, Samsung, TDK, and manufacturing partner EVE Energy.

Together with EVE Energy, StoreDot plans to bring ultra-fast-charging battery cells to the market by 2024. In May 2021, the company demonstrated a charging process that could bring a battery to 86% capacity in just ten minutes. According to the company's technology roadmap '100inX,' in ten years, it should be possible to recharge a battery for 100 miles (or 160 kilometres) in just two minutes.

In October 2022, StoreDot announced that its pouch cells in a "production-ready format" had completed more than 1,000 cycles. This development marked a significant milestone in the company's efforts to bring its fast-charging battery technology to market.

In conclusion, StoreDot's new research centre in the United States marks a significant step forward for the company's battery technology development. With the facility's help, the Israeli firm can continue to innovate and improve its battery solutions, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.