Freehand by InVision: The Visual Collaboration Platform for the Modern Workplace

Freehand by InVision: The Visual Collaboration Platform for the Modern Workplace

InVision, the visual collaboration platform, has announced the open beta release of its Intelligent Canvas, designed to enable cross-functional teams to unlock productivity by adding unprecedented intelligence and automation to the canvas. This innovation saves teams valuable time on every task they do. The Intelligent Canvas is powered by Smart Workflows and Objects that provide a deeper level of interaction on the canvas, enabling better meetings, faster decisions, and visualized task management.

According to InVision's recent survey, teams often lack the right tooling to work quickly and effectively together, with 58% of respondents stating that the collaboration tool should be accessible to all. Specialized tools become a barrier to accessing critical business information, which is why InVision's Freehand offers a central hub for projects, pre-built templates, and a real-time multiplayer whiteboard where teams can ideate, iterate, and create alignment.

Unlike other leading visual collaboration platforms such as Miro or Mural that are priced like specialized tools, Freehand is now available at half the price with simple flat-rate and ELA options, just like videoconferencing and chat tools such as Zoom or Slack.

Freehand also features bidirectional integrations to bring in data sources from outside the canvas. These integrations, combined with intelligent interactions between objects, enable users to connect and transform data visually for real-time analysis while keeping in sync with specialized tools. Freehand's bidirectional integration with Jira is available to all users, with Azure DevOps, Trello, and Asana coming soon.

The first use case of Smart Workflows available to all users is Task Management, which allows cross-functional teams to turn brainstorms into actions by converting items into tasks, assign tasks through intuitive visual cues and multiple layouts, and automatically sync to their systems of record such as Jira as they make changes on the Freehand canvas.

Jeff Chow, CEO of InVision, said, "With our award-winning visual collaboration solution, organization-wide inclusive pricing model, and the Intelligent Canvas that enhances common workflows in a real-time multiplayer visual dynamic — cross-functional teams are now enabled to do their best work, together."

Freehand by InVision is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. It is the only Visual Collaboration platform inclusively designed and priced for the entire organization.