InVision and Zoom Collaboration Integration: Elevating Productivity for Remote Teams

InVision and Zoom Collaboration Integration: Elevating Productivity for Remote Teams

InVision, a platform that powers the workflows of millions of users, has announced a new integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. that empowers Zoom users to use the Freehand app for Zoom. This new integration allows teams to make collaboration even more interactive, inclusive, and ultimately more productive. Attendees can collaborate on both new and existing Freehand canvases during Zoom Meetings.

The Freehand app for Zoom is a great way to encourage engagement and foster inclusivity during brainstorms, project kickoffs, workshops, design reviews, retros, and more. During a Zoom Meeting, users can use the Freehand app to bring a new or existing Freehand into the collaborative meeting stage. From there, meeting members can facilitate creative connections with ease using intuitive drawing and shape tools, text and sticky notes, expressive emoji reactions, and a growing library of Smart Widgets and integrations. The canvas features feel familiar and require no training, helping all meeting attendees get comfortable right away so they can share their ideas and give feedback.

Collaboration is essential to achieving great outcomes in any team, and the Freehand app for Zoom provides everyone with a “pen,” allowing all members to tap into the ideas of the collective. This encourages better project outcomes and increases morale, creating a culture of healthy communication that combats turnover, especially in distributed workplaces.

Jeff Chow, Chief Product Officer at InVision, believes that the right tools can help people overcome the challenge of building bonds and genuine trust with teammates in hybrid and remote work settings. Through inclusivity and intentionality, teams can form connections with teammates and strengthen culture through more interactive meetings. They can get more done and have better ideas while building camaraderie. Zoom was already an excellent platform, and now that teams can use the Freehand app within Zoom, they can make meetings more creative, productive, and engaging.

Paul Magnaghi, Global ISV Program Leader at Zoom, added that the Freehand app for Zoom allows meeting attendees to continue collaborating with ease, even as they navigate the world of hybrid and remote work. When teams collaborate well, they create great outcomes, and this partnership can play an ever-larger role in customers' success.

In conclusion, the integration of the Freehand app for Zoom is a significant step forward for online collaboration. It will undoubtedly enhance productivity and inclusivity among teams during brainstorming, project kickoffs, workshops, design reviews, retros, and other collaborative tasks. The new integration ensures that all attendees have equal access to the tools necessary to facilitate creative connections and generate positive outcomes.