Scale AI Introduces Enterprise Generative AI Platform (EGP)

Scale AI Introduces Enterprise Generative AI Platform (EGP)

Scale AI has introduced the Enterprise Generative AI Platform (EGP), a comprehensive platform designed to enable enterprise customers to access and customize leading commercial and open-source foundation models while ensuring enterprise-grade safety and security controls. With EGP, Scale AI aims to help companies like Koch Industries and Fox Corporation leverage Generative AI to unlock new avenues for growth and facilitate faster decision-making.

Despite the availability of various generative AI models, only a mere 21% of enterprises currently have AI models in production. Scale AI brings a wealth of experience in transitioning AI from experimental stages to enterprise-grade deployments, and the launch of EGP further solidifies their commitment to assisting businesses in bridging this gap.

The EGP platform encompasses a full-stack solution, addressing the challenges faced by enterprises during the implementation process. It offers several key capabilities to help businesses make the most of generative AI:

  1. Enhancing models with high-quality fine-tuning using proprietary data: Gaining a competitive advantage with AI necessitates training and fine-tuning models for specific use cases, as well as leveraging an enterprise's unique data. Scale AI empowers customers to assess the suitability of models for their business requirements and augment the models' outputs using data from their proprietary knowledge bases. This is made possible through integrated enterprise connectors to popular platforms such as Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and others.
  2. Streamlining the deployment of enterprise-ready Generative AI applications: EGP enables customers to swiftly transition from sandbox solutions to production applications through pre-built apps. These include Chat, which facilitates knowledge retrieval; Forge, a tool for generating high-quality product imagery at scale; and ShopChat, a personalized shopping assistant for individual buyers. Scale AI also assists customers in securely developing custom applications or integrating internal or third-party applications from the app ecosystem.
  3. Enhancing safety and security: EGP provides customers with the flexibility to develop and deploy Generative AI applications within Scale's infrastructure or in their own virtual private cloud (VPC). This ensures that proprietary data never leaves the customers' environments. Scale AI stands out as the sole provider offering Generative AI applications within customers' environments. Furthermore, the platform incorporates industry-leading features such as Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) and red-teaming to ensure that model outputs align with customers' policies and brand.

By leveraging the EGP platform, enterprises can overcome the barriers to implementing generative AI effectively. The ability to fine-tune models using proprietary data enables businesses to leverage their unique insights and gain a competitive edge. The seamless deployment of enterprise-ready applications expedites the transition from experimentation to production, facilitating faster time-to-market. Additionally, the emphasis on safety and security ensures that enterprises can maintain control over their data while benefiting from Scale AI's advanced capabilities.